Hi! I'm
Jen Nazareth

ux designer 🌺

I'm also many things, like a(n)

...but I'm a soon-to-be graduating UX Designer for the context of this portfolio.

Industry-Sponsored Student Projects

P&G | Designing Widgets to Improve Amazon Shoppers' Experience

Researched Amazon mobile shoppers' behaviors, pain points, and decision-making process to design widgets to improve their shopping experience.

Designed interactive widgets aimed to increase P&G product discovery, brand loyalty, and reduce pain points while shopping.

Fall 2021

#uxdesign #uxresearch #uxstrategy #visualdesign #interactiondesign

Avanade | Designing a COVID-19 Quarantine Tool

Researched Purdue University students' major pain points while quarantining at school.

Designed a desktop application to deliver timely information to quarantined students.

Spring 2021

#uxdesign #uxresearch #visualdesign

Cerner | Connecting Patients and Providers from a Distance

Researched into the pain points patients and providers experience during telemedicine visits.

Designed a new telemedicine experience to be integrated into Cerner's EHR.

Fall 2020

#uxtesting #uxresearch #healthcare #MVP

Currently being Updated!

Senior Solo CapstoneResearching Video Game UI and Designing Components

Researching about non-diegetic and diegetic UI to create juxtaposing video game UI to test my learning.

Spring 2022 - In progress!

#uxresearch #uidesign #videogamesui

Haunted ManorConducting Video Game Playtests

Conducted video game playtests for a student game design and development team. Delivered suggested design changes based on collected feedback. Currently creating concept sketches and planning playtests.

Spring 2021 - 2022 - In progress!

#uxtesting #uxanalysis #uidesign

Design Philosophy

My design philosophy took a long time to develop and arguably it will constantly evolve! My philosophy reflects both designs and my design process and I aspire to make these three themes evident in my portfolio.


Every UX designer knows to cultivate a warm and empathetic relationship with their users.
I aim to ensure their experiences are taken seriously.

"Warm" expands to my team members as well. I aspire to ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere where every member feels taken care of and heard.


My design process is charming. I love having weird conversations with my team or even encouraging weird, never-before-seen methods to do our work. This charm makes UX so humanistic and fun.

The designs my team and I create that are fueled by our silly ideas and processes tend to resonate well with our users; they see the charm we incorporated into our designs and they engage in that charming fun themselves.


At the end of the day, my users are human beings and human beings are volatile. Humans are more than just personas; the complexity within everyone is what makes UX so much fun!

In my own teams, I encourage more humanistic conversations and interactions to make the design process more fun! My greatest ideas come from the oddest of conversations.


Hello! Let's have a more lengthy introduction. I'm Jen!

I am a senior in Purdue University's UX Design program. I am also studying psychology as my minor and will receive a certification in collaborative leadership. For the past two years, I have done a multitude of projects that include user research, testing, and prototyping. I use Figma to create mockups and add interactivity to my designs. I also have some experience working with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Outside of UX, I love video games and art! You can catch me doodling for my classmates. Those passions led me to UX; the fun, beauty, and enjoyment they bring are something I love to incorporate into my designs and design process.

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Established Skills

UX Research
UX Testing

Developing Skills

Visual Design
Interaction Design

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